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魔方娱乐Our range of flexible insurance solutions are designed to protect you and your loved ones, and safeguard your futures.


icon-protected Insurance Policy | Insurance Plans | China Taiping Insurance (Singapore)

魔方娱乐Live a fullest life knowing you are well protected.


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Focus on your recovery with complete peace of mind.


icon wealth

Build your wealth. Preserve your legacy.


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Safeguard the future of your family at different life stages.

Infinite Series

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魔方娱乐Designed for the successful and customised for the premier.


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Ease your financial burden in the event of payment default

Business Packages

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魔方娱乐Ensure an uninterrupted business


icon casualty

Protect your business against loss of property, damage or other liabilities


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魔方娱乐Safeguard the risks against unexpected ongoing industrial projects

Financial Lines

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魔方娱乐Mitigate and minimise your financial risks


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Safeguard against risks in the shipping trade

Medical & Health

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Take care of your employees well-being

Property Insurance

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Stay ahead of risks and protect your property

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What’s New

Personal Accident Safe

Personal Accident Safe

魔方娱乐Enjoy greater financial security with coverage against Novel Coronavirus!


Gifts of Prosperity Promotion

Gifts of Prosperity Promotion

魔方娱乐Enjoy cash rewards when you sign up for any eligible plans.


Because China Taiping SG cares for you

Because China Taiping SG cares for you

魔方娱乐FREE coverage against COVID-19 with all our Life Insurance policies.


Dear Customer,

魔方娱乐The Ministry of Health (MOH) has raised the Novel Coronavirus situation in Singapore under DORSCON to Orange alert since 7 February 2020. We have stepped up the following precautionary measures at our premises to keep our employees and visitors safe. 

✓ All glass doors at our offices are closed. Visitors are to complete health declaration and temperature screening. Hand sanitisers are available at lift lobby for use.

魔方娱乐✓ All our employees are required to take temperature twice daily.

✓ Activated business continuity plan allowing employees to work from home.

We are closely monitoring the situation and will work to support MOH’s recommendations.

魔方娱乐During this period, while we strive our best to support you in your claims and customer services, we seek your kind understanding and patience should there be a delay in our response.  

As China and the rest of the world combat the Novel Coronavirus, our parent company, China Taiping Insurance Group provides free insurance coverage to all frontline medical staff in Wuhan and assistance with medical aid and supplies to hospitals. The first batch of 26,000 N95 surgical masks have reached Wuhan Hospital. In addition, our Group has made a donation of RMB10 million cash to Hubei Province to combat the epidemic.

Let’s be vigilant. Stay safe & healthy!

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